Connection with our Cell Awareness


Translated by Darja Safronova 


When we become aware of who we are and, consequently, act with coherence, all our cells recognize that coherence. Our coherence must be total in our life: in our actions, in what we think and in what we feel. The emotion that activates the heart-mind coherence is gratitude and it is capable of changing the way we perceive this world.


I have spent many years practicing the Metamorphic Technique and developing the method of the Cellular Massage and now I feel that in my role as a therapist the two techniques have also had a noticeable impact on me, leading me towards a path of transformation. Today, the time has come to give a boost to the work we started in 1998 at the ANDE Foundation for people with mental disabilities; they showed us another way of turning into metamorphic what we call a Cellular Massage.


When we remember the events that we have lived, as a little hindsight makes clear, we understand that what happened to us was meant to be like this, bringing us to the point we have reached today. My inspiration comes from work and learning, and the time has come for me to take a new step in the Cellular Massage technique, now with a far more comprehensive view that will continue to grow even more as I go deeper into it. It´s all starting to make sense little by little. However, when I see how it works now, I feel that there is still much left to explore.


The treatment is performed mainly on the back and on the head, as it is where the energy centers, the Chakras, are located. The Chakras allow information to be transferred from the subtle body surrounding us (where, according to the scientist Rupert Sheldrake, the morphogenetic fields that form our “construction plans”, are located), towards our body´s glands, where the most important information exchange takes place with the help of hormones and neurotransmitters.


Although it is still a theory, there are many reasons to believe that the morphogenetic field not only contains the original planes of who we are as a species, but it also contains the conscience of mankind that connects us all. This would allow the following: when a certain number of individuals learn some new skill, others would also learn to do it, without the need to stay in touch with the others.


Using the Metamorphic Technique, we focus on the spine and on the head, on the reflex zones of the feet and hands. This technique is connected with the nine months of pregnancy, leading to the birth of the person, and with the experiences that the person gained through interaction with his/her mother. The Cellular Massage is performed directly on the back and on the head, through the Chakras. Some energy is also transferred to other areas of the body such as hips, liver, spleen, diaphragm, ribs, scapulae, shoulders: going all the way up to the head.


Some areas of the vertebral column transmit us information about blockages that happened in the mother´s womb during nine months of gestation. These blockages left an important mark on our cells and these in turn left a mark on the tissues they formed. Our job is to help these cells to recover their original memory and their original consciousness, instead of the mark or pattern of blockages they received.


We can also deal with those blockages that are generated throughout our life. These blockages may come from the patterns we inherited or from the shocking traumas we experienced. The question of how is this possible cannot be answered with the biological science that is being taught to us today in universities, the one based on neo-Darwinian theories of evolution or Newtonian physics. To understand this, we must introduce the new quantum vision, capable of explaining the following phenomena: at some point of embryological development, specifically 24 days after fertilization, one embryonic cell starts beating and after that, the heart and the vascular system develop. Who gives the order to start beating to that particular cell?


Biology would explain it this way: certain genes are activated in our DNA and then the cell automatically knows that it has to start beating in order to develop a heart in the future. Well, all right, but I ask myself the following: who activates these genes? These genes are not aware of what a heart is and yet they do just this: they form a heart and not any another organ.


According to Dr. Amit Goswami, to explain the phenomenon of morphogenesis, when an embryo that begins as a single cell grows into a fully differentiated biological organism, we must resort to nonphysical vital body or morphogenetic field, located outside the cell nucleus. This morphogenetic field would direct the programs of morphogenesis, so that the embryo expands by cell division making an exact replica of itself, with the same DNA and the same genes. Therefore, in order for us to have the appearance of individuals of the same species, there must exist a special program outside the nucleus of the cell, the program in the morphogenetic field that gives the orders to develop different tissues.


The Chakras are the points of our physical body where the vital energy is most clearly perceived, and, if we observe, we can notice that they are located near important organs. This could be understood in the following way: the Chakras are the points through which the information from our vital body is transferred to our physical body and if, for some reason, a Chakra is malfunctioning, the organ connected to this Chakra will also malfunction.


Each cell is connected to that morphogenetic field that gives it instructions and, through electromagnetic fields, the membrane receptors, the small chains of protein that receive information, become active. Just like a TV antenna that receives frequencies, interprets them and emits different channels, the cell will form one organ or another. Everything that happens around it will have a considerable effect on it and, throughout the cellular life, is going to leave a mark on it, as if the cell had been vaccinated, so that it would act in a certain way if it finds itself under the same circumstances again. All of this creates a special pattern and later, when the cell keeps dividing, the other cells will inherit this pattern.

A pattern can come from our ancestors as well, not only from our personal life´s experiences.


A few years ago, I had a student who studied Traditional Chinese Medicine. He told me that the first meridian that is formed during human embryological development is the heart meridian. If we unite our heart and our mind, it will result in the connection of consciousness with our body, the connection that is established through love. Chinese Medicine also says that our heart exercises control over our mind (or the meridian of our heart controls our thoughts).


During the Cellular Massage and with the help of our hands and our intention we create frequencies that will interfere with the frequency pattern of the patient, little by little helping him/her to transform his way of perceiving life (by activating other receptors of the cell membranes that are still out there ). It is like giving the body freedom to reset itself, to return to its morphogenetic field and to pick up the original pattern with all its potential.


All of this takes a great deal of work, because we are blocking ourselves: the pattern we are talking about is stuck so deep in our subconscious that although we can recognize it we cannot change it so easily.


There is this part of the Cellular Massage that helps a lot: the heart-heart coherence that is established when the therapist’s heart and the patient’s heart beat at the same time. At that moment, the state of coherence appears and the frequencies of both the therapist and the patient match, two frequencies becoming one. The therapist transmits his state of Inner Peace to the patient.


It is important that the therapist also try to leave his problems out of the consultation room, so we need to meditate a lot and empty our mind. This state of mind we were referring to does not last as long as the complete therapy, however, if it appears for just a moment, it is normally enough to break patterns.


Carmen Benito Rico

B.A. in Biology

Director of Carmen Benito Bioethics Center